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 Need Some IT Assistance ?

Customer service is of utmost importance to us here at BTS.  Technology doesn't have to be meaningless techno-babble that is hard to comprehend.  We approach projects in a "speak English" manner and strive to explain our recommendations and objectives in an easy to understand context.  We want our customers to know exactly the benefits technology can bring to their organizations.    

 Custom Built Workstations

BTS builds custom business class workstations.  We consult with you and configure the best quality components for the exact need and expandibility for what you use them for.  Unlike most shelf bought brands that come loaded with software that slow down the machine that you will never use, we custom load the operating system free of "bloatware".  Our custom workstations are completly modular as well, meaning that when it's time to upgrade, you can without scrapping the whole machine!  From basic setups to CAD based graphical workstations, we can deliver to your company the most bang for your buck.  Have data and software that needs to be migrated from the old PC to the new?  We do that too!  Our prices will fit your budget, because they are built to YOUR specifications.  Looking to replace some PC's?  Call us first before heading to a big box store. 



 Custom Workstations



 Troubleshooting & Repair

Ever turn your computer on and all you see is a black screen?  Hear strange sounds coming from your PC?  Why doesn't it print?  Most often it is something simple that our remote desktop support can handle.  Other times it may require a quick visit by our techs.  If you're experiencing things that don't make sense, let us have a look!  We can diagnose and repair hardware failures, software misconfigurations, printer malfunctions and much more.  Our service will ensure a fast turn around to get your business back in business!




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